Denny Hecker's defense lawyers quit; business associate targeted in bankruptcy probe


Two new twists in the Denny Hecker saga, both coming just a day after his friend and former father in law, Bill Prohofsky, committed suicide.

First, the Star Tribune reports that Bill Mauzy and Marsh Halberg have resigned as Hecker's defense attorneys in the federal criminal case against the former auto magnate. Hecker claims he's broke and can't pay them.

Second, the Pioneer Press reports that James Gustafson, 48, of Maple Grove, who worked for Hecker's auto leasing company, is the target of a federal investigation related to Hecker's personal $767 million bankruptcy.

Prohofsky killed himself with a gunshot to the head last Thursday, a week after he was accused of helping Hecker try to hide more than $80,000 from creditors

The hits keep on coming.