Denny Hecker wants Christi Rowan for wife No. 5

Denny Hecker's probably got a long "to-do" list before he's carted off to prison on federal bankruptcy and wire fraud convictions. Top of the list: Get married. For the fifth time.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, things should work out fine for Hecker. Not only is he headed to prison, but so may be the object of his affections, fraudster Christi Rowan.

She's been treated like a queen by the fallen auto empire king, and once fended off U.S. Marshals trying to remove assets from his schloss in the western suburbs.

But she's admitted that she lied under oath in Hecker's $767 million bankruptcy case, and about her income in order to secure a loan to buy a Land Rover. For a while it looked like she might testify against Hecker in federal court -- a drama avoided since Hecker reached a plea deal with prosecutors. She has yet to be sentenced.

Hecker confirmed his request for a marriage application to KSTP, although there's "no date set."

One presumes the lovebirds are keeping a close eye on the calendar.

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