Denny Hecker stole from his kids to pay for mansion during bankruptcy

The bankruptcy case of Denny Hecker, the former auto magnate now charged with 25 counts of fraud and money laundering, keeps getting more tawdry. New court documents show that while in bankruptcy, Hecker illegally withdrew $75,000 from his children's trust funds to buy back the Medina house he shares with his girlfriend, Christi Rowan.

According to lawyers overseeing Hecker's assets during his bankruptcy, Hecker first asked to borrow from his kids' trust funds last November, but the trustee at the time refused. A month later, that trustee was replaced by Hecker's former inlaw, William Prohofsky. Hecker asked again, and on December 16 Prohofsky wired $75,000 from the trusts to Hecker's lawyer, William Skolnick.

Prohofsky shot himself in the head and died March 4.

In January, Hecker was in danger of losing the house as his bankruptcy case proceeded. Skolnick forstalled that by writing a check to buy the property, but led the court to believe that he was doing so on behalf of Hecker's friend, Ralph Thomas.

But according to a letter from the estate lawyers to Hecker's judge, "It appears that representations made to the Court and the Trustee relating to the involvement of Mr. Thomas and the source of the funds were not true."

Thomas says he didn't know Skolnick was using his name to buy the house.

The lawyers say they're still looking into the issue, so there may yet be more shoes to drop in Hecker's increasingly sordid case.

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