Denny Hecker 'lied to me,' judge says; 'unf-ingbelievable' Hecker replies


Hats off to MaryJo Webster of the Pioneer Press for some great inside-the-courtroom play-by-play reporting yesterday.

U.S. bankruptcy Judge Robert Kressel had ruled that former auto dealing magnate Denny Hecker wasn't going to get away with not having to make good on $80 million he owes Chrysler Financial -- in part, the judge said, because Hecker was a liar.

"(Hecker) lied to Chrysler Financial; he lied to me," Kressel said. "It seems the severe sanction for a severe violation of the rules is the only way I can go."

Just as Kressel finished his ruling, Hecker said in a loud whisper, "unf---ingbelievable." He then stormed out of the court with his criminal defense attorney, Bill Mauzy, as the judge left the room. Hecker's bankruptcy attorney, Bill Skolnick, also left quickly and didn't answer questions from the media.

The Strib's Dee DePass was on hand for the ruling, but she and her more genteel paper took a softer approach: "Hecker stood up, uttered an expletive."

Hecker was indicted by a federal grand jury last week on conspiracy and fraud charges related to Chrysler Financial's claim.