Denny Hecker is ordered to pay his wife $7,500 a month


Former auto dealer Denny Hecker's long road through the hell of personal and financial ruin took another turn on Wednesday when the judge overseeing his divorce case ordered him to pay $7,500 a month to his estranged wife, Tamitha, and to pick up the tab for his children's health insurance.

It's one more loss for a guy who once wallowed in staggering wealth, but who was forced to seek refuge in a bankruptcy filing after his business empire collapsed.

Hecker owes creditors a staggering $767 million. He also faces a truckload of accusations and charges, including money laundering, conspiracy, mail and bankruptcy fraud, and siphoning business funds for personal use.

Tamitha was seeking $10,000 a month. Hecker begged off the payments by arguing that he was broke and jobless. But Judge Jay Quam was having none of that, KARE-TV reported. citing the fact that Hecker claims his own expenses are $24,500 a month, and that it's been revealed he provided his mistress $30,000 a month.