Denny Hecker ends up homeless

"Brother, can you spare a mansion?"

"Brother, can you spare a mansion?"

From "Nobody walks" to "Can I crash on your couch?"

The plight of Denny Hecker hit a new low today when a judge  took away his lakefront home, valued at more than $7.8 million.

The fallen auto magnate tried to claim the homestead exemption, which only covers houses worth up to $330,000

The homes will be sold to pay off the estimated $767 million that Hecker owes, according to the Pioneer Press.

"(The trustee) can compel the sale of that property and that's what he'll do," said Roseville bankruptcy attorney Barbara May. "There's nothing Denny can do to stop it. And I'm certain (the trustee) is buried in offers to buy that beautiful property."