Denny Hecker bought his own Harley Davidson at bankruptcy auction

It's good to know that when push comes to shove, bankrupt auto failure Denny Hecker has a firm grasp on what's really important in life.

Like his Harley Davidson.

In what is only the latest in a laundry list of dirtbag moves, Hecker has now admitted that he impersonated a former business associate so he could bid on his own 2006 Screamin' Eagle -- at his own bankruptcy auction in May.

That would be the same auction at which his collection of speedboats, snowmobiles and his Cadillac Escalade golf cart went on the block.

He almost pulled off the stunt, which also included buying back a dirt bike, by bidding online. But nothing pans out for Hecker anymore. The checks he wrote to cover for the purchases bounced.

That doesn't seem too surprising, given that the man is $767 million in debt.

Currently warming a cot at the into the Sherburne County jail, Hecker is due to be sentenced on federal fraud and conspiracy charges early next year.

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