Denny Hecker being transferred to mystery prison

Once the owner of a 17,000+ square-foot mansion, fallen auto mogul Denny Hecker is now just trying to find a stable prison cell to call home.

Hecker, who pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud two years ago, was transferred out of the federal prison in Duluth on February 8, confirms Chris Burke, spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. He spent that night in the Oxford, Wisconsin facility, and now resides in the medium-security Terre Haute prison in Southern Indiana.

Burke says Hecker will likely be moved again soon.

"I don't expect him to stay there," he says. "It just depends on how long it takes to arrange for transfer to the next point in his route."

As to where that next point is, Burke wouldn't comment.

Burke also wouldn't say what led to the transfer. The Star Tribune suggests it might be related to Hecker abusing cell phone privileges by sneaking phones into the prison, but Burke couldn't confirm or deny this.

"We wouldn't comment on an individual inmate's behavior or disciplinary issues," he says.

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