Denny Hecker auction attendees actually paid good money for his crap

Alright, so the stuff former Minnesota auto God Denny Hecker was trying to dump wasn't exactly crap. It was more like a nice pontoon boat, Jet Skis, snowmobiles, Vespas, shotguns, golf clubs, and the like. Since they belonged to Hecker, we consider it junk.

But the people who thought that same way as us were taken by surprise when they went to Hecker's auction expected some sweet deals on tainted goods. More than 1,200 people registered to bid and about 2,400 showed up, trudging through mud, standing in long registration lines and packing the auction space.

And who would've thought that people would actually pay good money for this stuff. In a recession! Some people even paid more than the item was actually worth brand new. Is it special because Hecker owned it? That's unfortunate.

The only thing we would pay good money for is one of those Metro Transit buses with his enormous mug on it. Now that's priceless.

Why the enormous auction? Hecker used to run two dozen car dealerships and was living the high life. As his businesses collapsed, he filed for personal bankruptcy protection in June and now he has $767 million in debt. So you're helping him pay that off, one snowmobile at a time.

So how much did people pay for this stuff?

From the Pioneer Press:

A Benelli shotgun that sold for $1,050 goes for about $1,200 new, said Andy Toczek, of Shakopee.

A Harris Kayot pontoon boat reeled in $17,500, while a Crestliner pontoon netted $8,900. That's far more than either is worth, said Ron Engblom, of Breezy Point, Minn.

A pair of Vespa scooters went for $2,700 each. "You can go buy one at the Waconia Farm Store for $1,800," said John Brownwarth, of Norwood Young America. "It's the name (Hecker). And when you get this many people, there are never any deals."

So much for a cheap pontoon boat for our escape to the lakes this weekend. Just imagining Hecker laying out shirtless on it made us hot.

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