Denny Hecker accused of stealing ex-wife's mail

Denny Hecker just can't seem to avoid stepping in legal shit-piles. Seems like everyday we pick up the newspaper, the guy is neck deep in the stuff. Like that whole wire fraud indictment earlier this year. Or that time he was hauled off to jail for ignoring court orders. Just a month ago, a judge denied the fallen auto emperor's request to head up north with his kids.

Today's steaming pile comes courtesy of Hecker's fourth wife, Tamitha, who says her ex-husband has resorted to stealing her mail. According to the Star Tribune, Tamitha grew suspicious after her mailbox remained empty for a couple weeks. She went to the post office to see what was up, and an employee informed her that someone had rerouted her mail to an address in Wayzata. Tamitha suspects Hecker did it to swipe letters from her attorney and the IRS.

Tamitha filed a complaint with St. Louis Park police last week. An investigation is underway.

Hecker's attorney says his client's hands are clean on this one. Here's what the attorney told the Strib:

Reached in his office Wednesday, Denny Hecker's criminal attorney Brian Toder said Hecker did not switch mail addresses. "I have talked to the investigator" and he is exploring the possibility that "someone who had it in for Denny could have [done this] .... Denny had nothing to do with this."

Toder also said that it was possible that Tamitha Hecker staged the episode to throw suspicion on his client.

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