Dennis Teague sick of being confused with a criminal


What's it like to have a name quite similar to that of a convicted felon? Milwaukee's Dennis Teague, 27, will tell you it totally sucks.

Teague runs into problems when he is applying for apartments or jobs and has a background check completed. They often come back calling him a convicted felon when he doesn't have a criminal history. He is being confused with Anthony Terrell Parker who uses an alias that resembles his name.

Teague sued the Wisconsin Justice Department for the constant mix up and is asking them to fix the problem. Their response to him last year? They sent his lawyer a letter saying "it's a fact of life" and shit happens. A lot of people have names that mark them as criminals. It's kind of like the nation's terrorist list. Apparently our country can't figure out the whole name-birthdate combo to fix an obvious error.