Denna Glaeser, who died mysteriously two weeks ago, still confounding police


The 46-year-old St. Paul native was found dead outside in the Hiawatha neighborhood of Minneapolis on Feb. 10. Police still don't know what happened.

The Strib reports this morning on the bizarre circumstances surrounding Glaeser's death, based on the details of a search warrant filed in Hennepin County Court District Court. Apparently, Glaeser has had 20 aliases since 1979 and went to prison for forgery and drug offenses. Police aren't expecting a ruling on what killed her for a few weeks still. Here's more details from the Strib:

Glaeser was found lying on her stomach, with a dark comforter over her face and torso, and was naked from the waist down. A white cloth was tied around her legs in a knot near her knees. She did not have a purse or identification.

The next day, police talked to Glaeser's daughter, who provided contact information of a friend of Glaeser's identified as "Vino." Police contacted the man, Calvin John Kimmons, who said Glaeser had stayed at his home and that he last saw her between 6:30 and 7 p.m. the previous day, Feb. 9. He said that Glaeser, also known as "D," had left with a woman named Desiree Nicholson.

Nicholson apparently told police that she and Glaeser had parted ways and that Glaeser sent her text messages. Nicholson was arrested Feb. 16, but it's not clear if she has been released, according to the Strib.