Denard Span nails mom with foul ball on video

Denard Span nails mom with foul ball on video

Wanda Wilson came to watch her son, Twins outfielder Denard Span, play a preseason game against the Yankees on Wednesday in Tampa, and all she got was a lousy foul ball in the neck with his first trip to the plate.

Video of the moment (after the jump) shows Span swinging on a 3-2 pitch from the Yankees' Phil Hughes in the first inning. The ball flies off to the left of the visitors' third-base dugout, where a group of Span's friends and family were watching. Reporters covering the game said the ball struck her with a thud in the collarbone.

In an instant, Span drops his bat and rushes over to where his mom is sitting, climbing up past other fans, three rows up from the field. Paramedics officers hurry over and she's led from the stands, wearing a Twins jersey with her son's name on the back.

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"It just seemed like everything was in slow motion when I hit the ball," Span said after arriving back in Fort Myers. "I had no idea she was sitting there. I didn't see her before I got up to the plate. But as soon as the ball was in the air, I realized it was going after my mom. When I saw her go down, I couldn't do anything but just run after her and make sure she was OK."

"My mom is feeling ok right now!" he tweeted later, after she refused to go to the hospital and was given an EKG at the field. But he told the Star Tribune's Joe Christensen she'd probably be sore later.

"Tell everyone I'm alright," she told The Associated Press later.

Once everything had settled down, Span returned to the batter's box -- and Hughes struck him out. He pulled himself out of the game in the second inning.

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