Denard Span crashed into Twins teammate Danny Valencia's car, both out injured

Denard Span and Danny Valencia should be celebrating -- or at least acknowledging -- that the Twins actually won a damn game last night after Minnesota ended its 11-game losing streak against the Seattle Mariners.

Instead, they're both out of tonight's contest against the Cleveland Indians. Why, you ask?

Because, as they drove to the airport last night to leave for Cleveland, Span rear-ended Valencia's car. Span, who's missed significant time with concussions and was only returning to the lineup on Wednesday, said the accident had brought back some of his concussion symptoms.

Okay. Joe Mauer's out, Justin Morneau is out, the team has won three games in the entire month of September, and now this. Is it too early, or too late, to begin talk of a Twins curse?

Span, driving a Range Rover, hit the back end of Valencia's Range Rover Sport, according to the Star Tribune. Valencia's description of the accident, which took place on Highway 62 after the players exited from 35-W, is probably the best thing that any Twins player has done all season:

"It was bumper-to-bumper traffic," Valencia said, "so it was stop and go. I stopped, he goed."

Valencia said it felt like he'd had a "bomb dropped on his car," and said what pretty much every Twins fan is thinking at this point.

"We have bad luck, and it's unfortunate because when you think it can't get any worse, it does."

Minnesota Twins: When it's bad, it's all bad.

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