Demetrius Patterson allegedly shot at Mpls pizza delivery guy because pizza was "too small"

Deliver this man a sizable pizza... or else.
Deliver this man a sizable pizza... or else.

Sure, delivery pizza can sometimes leave a customer feeling disgruntled, but this is ridiculous.

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Demetrius Patterson, a 26-year-old Chicago resident, is in Hennepin County Jail after allegedly shooting at a 45-year-old pizza delivery guy who delivered him a pie he deemed "too small."

The incident took place last Friday night just after 11 p.m. on the 2100 block of Russell Avenue North.

From WCCO:

[The driver] said [Patterson] claimed the pizza was too small. The delivery guy brought the pizza back to his car, but as he was walking, he said the man came out of his home and started firing shots at him...

The pizza delivery guy said he was able to flee in his car and was not injured. He then called police.

Police located Patterson in the apartment of his girlfriend and placed him under arrest. They also located shell casings and a handgun in the apartment.

First of all, since when is the delivery guy responsible for the size of the pizza? If it were too cold, that'd be another story, but still, dismissing the guy without tipping would've been a much, much better way to go.

Patterson has been charged with one count of assault and one weapons-related charge, and he may still be charged with felony assault. He's due in court tomorrow afternoon.

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