Delta won't confirm Kanye West's in-flight rap

Kanye West gave a rapper's in-flight delight.

Kanye West gave a rapper's in-flight delight.

It's there on video: Kanye West got a hold of the public address system on a Delta flight from Minneapolis to New York and treated passengers to some high-altitude rap.

But for privacy and security reasons, Delta won't confirm that Taylor Swift's personal muse was even on the aircraft.


Company spokeswoman Susan Elliott did say this morning, however, that no passenger would ever be allowed past the locked door onto the flight deck of a commercial airliner. That would constitute a massive security breach.

The question came up because at least one passenger said he thought West was in the cockpit when he gave the impromptu performance.

But Elliott said neither West nor any other passenger would need to be in the cockpit to address the passengers; the PA system is run by flight attendants in the cabin.

"It is not unheard of, but it is extremely rare" for flight attendants to sometimes hand the microphone to a passenger, provided the moment doesn't interfere with security announcements, Elliott said.

So unless it emerges later that West was indeed interfering with the flight attendants, she said that no one is likely to lose their job over this.

Which is probably just fine with the passengers. Watch the video: