Delta puts unaccompanied kids on wrong flights out of MSP


We can only imagine the horror of being a kid in an airport without your family. You're forced to take your shoes and jacket off, TSA asks you crazy questions, and you have to stand in those body scanners while strangers in a back room check out your bod. To make matters worse, the airline your family trusted you to can't even manage to get you to your destination.

Delta experienced an epic airline fail today when they mixed up two unaccompanied minors at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport and put them on planes to the wrong destinations. A 9-year-old boy went to Cleveland instead of Boston and a girl went to Boston instead of Cleveland. Poor boy must have thought he was dumped in a war zone.

We were imagining an awesome addition to the Home Alone movie series, but apparently the kids were never free from Delta supervision. Once the airline realized the mistake, they were put right back on another plane to their scheduled destination.

What's Delta's excuse? A "paperwork swap." Oh, all that darn paperwork these days. Perhaps interacting with the children like human beings and asking them where they are headed would be an easy solution.

The kids got some perks out of the deal: A hearty "We're sorry" from Delta, refunds, and credits for future flights. We're going to bet these kids won't be flying alone again anytime soon.