Delta mechanic Jesse Paul Stygar's death remains a mystery

Delta mechanic Jesse Paul Stygar's death remains a mystery
Image courtesy of ellenm1 on Flickr

Airport police are still investigating the sad case of the Delta mechanic who was killed in an accident at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport yesterday.

Airport officials aren't saying much, but it has been reported that Jesse Paul Stygar, of Rosemount, died of a head injury. Airport police were called to Gate G14 at about 5:34 a.m. Tuesday, where they found Stygar lying inside a landing gear door. Stygar had no pulse.

"He was found by another worker," says Patrick Hogan, airport spokesman. "In terms of exactly what happened, we're still investigating it." Hogan said he expected the investigation to take a couple of weeks.

Stygar had been working on the landing gear doors in the wheel well of a standard-sized plane -- an Airbus 319, according to Aviation Online Magazine. The plane has been taken out of service until the investigation is cleared.

The magazine also reported that Stygar was raising a 12-year-old son, Joey. His wife had died in 2008, making Stygar a single parent. The family issued a statement asking that their privacy be respected during the difficult time.

The last fatal accident at MSP was in 2001, when a construction worker died while working on the Federal Express building, Hogan said.

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