Delmon Young must take program at Museum of Tolerance for yelling "F**king Jews!" during scuffle

Delmon pleaded guilty to a hate crime.
Delmon pleaded guilty to a hate crime.

One of the more bizarre stories of the spring was former Twin Delmon Young's booze-fueled arrest for yelling "Fucking Jews!" at a yarmulke-wearing man before getting into a scuffle while in Manhattan for a Tigers-Yankees series. So it's fitting that his punishment also contains a twist of the bizarre.

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Young, now a free agent, today pleaded guilty to an aggravated harassment hate crime charge. As a result, he needs to serve 10 days of community service and "participate in a mandatory restorative justice program at the Museum of Tolerance New York," the AP reports.

Despite having top-prospect status when the Twins traded for him, Young was mostly terrible during his stint in Minnesota. But with the Tigers, he's shown a strange propensity for hitting homers in the postseason. In fact, the eight he jacked between last October and this October are the most in the Tigers' storied history, and he was this year's ACLS MVP.

So maybe the Twins should resign him? Since he's still mostly terrible in the regular season -- and since the Twins have little chance of making the playoffs anytime soon -- we recommend they give our Jewish community a break and take a pass.

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