Delmon Young allegedly yelled "F**king Jews!" at yarmulke-wearing panhandler before assault [UPDATE]

Perhaps frustrated by his inability to punish baseballs, Delmon allegedly assaulted a man instead.
Perhaps frustrated by his inability to punish baseballs, Delmon allegedly assaulted a man instead.

This morning, former Twin Delmon Young, now with the hated Detroit Tigers, is in custody in New York City after he allegedly assaulted a man outside a Midtown hotel around 2:30 a.m.

Sources told the New York Post that Young was "highly intoxicated" and needed to be taken to the hospital to sober up before being moved to a police precinct.

The Post reports that Young pushed a man to the ground, visibly scratching his arm.

Young has controlled himself in recent years, but his temper was a concern when the Twins traded for him in November 2007. In 2005, when he was just 19 years old, Young bumped an umpire and was suspended for three games. Then, the following season, he tossed a bat at an umpire, resulting in a 50-game suspension.

At the time of his suspension, Young was regarded by Baseball America as the top prospect in all of baseball. In 2007, at the tender age of 21, Young had a great season for Tampa Bay, Fla., hitting .288 and driving in 93 runs. But save for an excellent 2010 season, he never lived up to that promise while with the Twins, wore out his welcome with a questionable attitude, and was traded to the Tigers last August for a bag of peanuts Lester Oliveros.

Come to think of it ... maybe now Twins fans have an explanation for Young's notorious outfield misadventures. (My brother and I, while watching him seemingly mimic an uncoordinated newbie ice skater while trying to play left field, used to refer to the spectacle as "Delmon On Ice.") He was drunk! Either that or really hung over. Either that or he's just not that good at professional baseball. In any event, still cooling his heels in a NYC jail this morning, it's a safe bet that he won't be on the field tonight when the Tigers take on the Yankees.

:: UPDATE ::

The Detroit Free Press reports that Young faces an "aggravated harassment hate crime" charge.

Said a NYPD spokesman: "Basically, there was an incident at the hotel [and] some anti-Semitic remarks."

Young is still in custody. The hate crime charge is a misdemeanor.

:: UPDATE 2 ::

CBS Detroit and the New York Post report that before the assault, a panhandler wearing a yarmulke approached a group of people to ask for change. In response, Young, standing nearby, started shouting, "F**king Jews! F**king Jews!"

In a scene befitting of a booze-fueled melee at 2:30 in the morning on the streets of New York City, Young somehow ended up getting into a scrap with one of the men the panhandler approached for change, not the panhandler himself. The man Young assaulted only noticed that his arm had been scratched numerous times when he returned to his hotel room. He then called police, and Young was arrested about 4 a.m.

Young is not in the lineup for tonight's game. In a statement, the Tigers said they are "aware of the situation" but refused to comment further.

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