Deer attempts to break into St. Cloud jail, eludes officers


Deer are running wild this season: Killing motorcyclists, breaking into bars, and now attempting to break into a jail. What's next? Probably some epic drug war.

The latest deer mayhem happened in St. Cloud at the Stearns County Jail. Staff heard a loud bang on the building last week that sounded like a car running into the building. Jail staff went to check it out. They discovered a young doe that had tried to break into the building last week, but wasn't strong enough to succeed. The deer ran straight into the heavy glass door. There was no damage to the door, so we assuming the troublemaker was pretty beat up.

Officers attempted to catch the criminal, but it managed to escape.

St. Cloud Times story readers were on a roll with the comments. One wrote:

So if they would have caught him, my guess is, they would be holding the deer on burglary charges and damage to public property and expect him to pay restitution.
Another one quipped:
Sounds like it wouldn't be charged as an adult as it was a young doe. it's just a crying shame. this would have NEVER....EVER happened if there was midnight basketball for deer.