Deer are the rats of Minn.

Friday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Deer are the rats of Minn.

Our state is infested with deer. They're basically the rats of Minnesota and MnDOT doesn't even think it's worth warning you on the roads anymore. They're everywhere (about 1 million of them) and you're probably going to hit one of these beasts and destroy your car. They are coming up with some high-tech systems to help drivers avoid hitting the hopping creatures on the roads, but they are pricey. Their advice? Don't swerve, just slow down and hit. It probably won't kill you.

Democrats fighting back hard on Pawlenty's unallotments

We think everyone is to blame, but that would never stop Democrats and Republicans from endlessly pointing fingers and whining about things. The Democrats are obviously going to make a stink about Pawlenty's plan and Republicans are going to tell Democrats this is all their fault. Stop the bickering and get some work done, please.

Metro Gang Strike Force and the bad accounting

When the boss of the Metro Gang Strike Force was questioned about the confiscated items that were then used by employees and the money used to pay expenses, Ron Ryan kindly reminded the auditor: "Remember, I'm a police officer, not an accountant." What about possessing some kind of common sense?

Man uses Panera Bread bag during bank robbery

In addition to robbing a bank, this thief has no given Panera Bread some likely unwanted attention. The man used a Panera Bread bag during the robbery in St. Paul, escaping with an undisclosed amount of money.

Please stay clear of exploding Lowry Bridge this weekend

Hennepin County plans to bring down the Lowry Bridge Sunday, but they are urging everyone to stay clear of the area to avoid injuries. They have set strict boundaries around the site and restricted the air and waterways surrounding the bridge. It's really not that exciting, people.