Deer Appears to Fly Away After Being Hit by Squad Car [VIDEO]


Yesterday, the State Patrol published footage of one of its squad cars slamming into a deer in Hubbard County.

The interesting thing about the footage, however, is how the deer appears to fly away after being hit.

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Here's the video:

State Patrol spokesman Jesse Grabow tells us the clip is meant to illustrate the danger deer present to drivers, particularly in the fall.

"It definitely increases in the fall -- it's very notable," Grabow says. "It doesn't matter whether you're from the metro or outstate, we see significant amounts of deer crashes."

In fact, Grabow says he himself hit a deer while racing to the scene of an emergency a few years ago.

"It was an emergency call early in the morning, I had red lights and sirens on, and the deer just came out of the long grass out of nowhere," he says. "But at the last second, I reverted to my training. In those seconds it could've been extremely dangerous to try and swerve, so I braked as much as possible while keeping the vehicle under control."

Grabow wasn't hurt, but many others haven't been as lucky. According to state data, the 2,096 deer-involved crashes in Minnesota last year caused 302 injuries and claimed eight lives.

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