Debbee Keller, another key Bachmann staffer, jumps ship

Fresh on the heels of blurting out some nonsense about the Japanese living under a gangster government that denies healthcare to citizens critical of the political order, Michele Bachmann is losing another key Capitol Hill staffer: Press secretary Debbee Keller, who, as Politico's Glenn Thrush points out, hadn't even completed a year of service. He got hold of her resignation letter:

I am excited to announce that starting today I will be serving in a new role as Communications Director for Rep. Paul Broun. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I had working as Rep. Bachmann's Press Secretary, and I am excited to use those experiences to take on this new opportunity and responsibility.

After her stint with a right-wing Christian congresswoman who believes that the president is hatching a socialist plot to enslave Americans, Keller ought to feel right at home with Broun. He's another Fox News darling who calls the president a Marxist. He wants to privatize Medicare, and he wants a stimulus package for "real Americans."

Michelle Marston, the woman credited with transforming Bachmann from an actual legislator into an ever-present talking head on cable "news," bailed on Bachmann last November.

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