Death of man pushed by Verne Gagne a homicide, coroner says

Last week we reported the tragic story of Verne Gagne, who suffers from Alzheimer's-related dementia, and an alleged attack that might have resulted in the death of Helmut R. Gutmann, 97. Gutmann also suffered from Alzheimer's. Both men were living in Friendship Village, a Bloomington facility housing people with Alzheimer's and dementia.

On Jan. 26, Gagne allegedly threw Gutmann to the floor. Gutmann was sent to the hospital and died 20 days later.

Today, the Hennepin County medical examiner's office said the death of Gutmann was a homicide, according to the Associated Press.

More from the AP:

The coroner's report says Helmut Gutmann died of complications from a broken hip he suffered after being pushed Jan. 26 at a rest home in Bloomington.

While today's news release does not mention Gagne by name, Gutmann's wife has said Gagne apparently threw Gutmann to the floor at Friendship Village in Bloomington.

The Bloomington Police Department is investigating the incident.