Dear white savior: Muslims don't need you to speak for them

Anthony Souffle, Star Tribune

Anthony Souffle, Star Tribune

Reader Samantha Lee Pree-Stinson responds to Body positive art exhibit censored for female nudity:

This situation is maddening. I know the "savior" in this situation. She has now involved a community of Muslim families in the middle of a controversy simply for convenience. She doesn't like the resident or the art and so she chose to become the white savior in the building.

She had no right to speak on behalf of anyone. The Somali community and those who practice the Muslim faith are not withered tulips. They are strong, organized, and capable folks who can speak for themselves.

She is misrepresenting their thoughts as they relates to their religion and living in the building and for what? She has a personal issue with another resident and doesn't want to see the art show succeed, let alone be up.

This is a serious issue for me. Many of the comments here are focused on the Muslim families. They never said anything. The article misses this context and now some think this is about them when it isn't at all.