Dear immigrants: Thank you for choosing America

Immigrants: Making America Great Since 1776

Immigrants: Making America Great Since 1776 Elvert Barnes

Reader Guy Book responds to Joy, relief as 878 take the oath of citizenship in St. Paul:

I am proud to have once had a job where it was my responsibility to train new citizens in their new language to do a job in an electronics factory that literally hundreds of native-born, English-speaking Americans had rejected as being too hard.

You will never be employed more rewardingly than in a workplace where you are surrounded daily by dozens upon dozens of people who respect you for making it possible for them to support and feed their families.

To my newfound countrymen and women, thank you for choosing us. The terrible trials that some of you have braved to come to this nation humble those of us who received citizenship as a free birthright.

Many of us strive every day to be worthy of your faith in choosing us. Your presence, your every act every day makes us stronger and better.

Please ignore the idiots who think putting on a baseball cap somehow magically makes America great again. It is actually you who deserves that credit.