Dear God, Minneapolis. Which one of you sent this text?


Some time Thursday night, a person in Minneapolis or its immediate suburbs sent a text to a friend. 

The text is a declarative statement. Reading this statement asks more questions than it answers. 

The message was submitted to the rightly popular Twitter account TextsFromLastNight, which dutifully brought it to the Twitter world's attention today. 



Huh. "Idk (I don't know) how much of a virgin he is but I'm tryna find out."


Let's break this down. The very idea of measuring degrees of virginity, which seems more like a polar, "0 percent" or "100 percent virgin" kind of thing...

Actually, know what? Let's not. Just let this stand as it is. However much of a virgin "he" is, the person who sent this text will attempt to learn more. (Hopefully this is accomplished through social, maybe even romantic means, and not some kind of medical examination.) This is a hopeful text. 

Let's just wish these two the best. May you "find out," dear sender. And may you, "he," be satisfied, proud even, of "how much of a virgin" you are.  Or take steps -- maybe with this very texter -- to change how much. 

And may you, text recipient, keep us posted on what kind of romance blooms between these two over the coming weekend. Maybe some hand stuff?