Dear God, Minneapolis. Which one of you made this snow dick in Loring Park?

Loring Park was graced with a ... well, not quite a snow angel, is it?

Loring Park was graced with a ... well, not quite a snow angel, is it?

Everyone in this neck of the woods made a snow angel or two as a kid.

Some of us never fully grow up. They just get bigger, more capable, their imaginations get more ambitious. 

And dirtier. 

A sharp-eyed tipster emailed City Pages this afternoon to point out one such prankster's work and captured it for posterity, as seen rather vividly in the image below, captured by one Raven Mercedes Marshall.

In the background, there's the Basilica of St. Mary, a good place for giving confession after getting involved in something like this.

Just what "this" is isn't exactly clear from this particular angle. There's a dick. Definitely a dick. Balls? Check.

But are they doing something? The lines coming out the front could suggest some sort of... biological event taking place, but it's hard to make out which, or why. Then again those could just be the footprints our artist(s) had to leave in order to make it to the dick location in the first place.

(Don't act like you haven't left your own path out to the middle of an untouched field of snow in a heavily populated metropolitan area just so you could draw a dick and some balls that look like they're up to something.) 

(Well, anyway, one of you did this.) 

(And the rest of us thank you, while also echoing Mrs. Merccedes Marshall's Snapchat reaction: "So uh...") 

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