Deandre Austin, shot after crashing into police van, charged with drug felonies

Deandre Austin crashed into a cop van with a bunch of cocaine on him.

Deandre Austin crashed into a cop van with a bunch of cocaine on him.

On Tuesday night, six undercover cops were working a drug case in south Minneapolis when a man drove his car into a police car, causing at least one cop to open fire and shoot the driver.

Now that driver's been charged with multiple felonies for his crimes that night, including one for fleeing police.

The officers were in the process of a sting at the time, having arranged to buy five eight-balls of cocaine from drug-dealing suspects. Apparently, Deandre Austin didn't even like the looks of the undercover cops: The moment they began approaching him, he got back into his van and got ready to leave, according to the complaint field by the Hennepin County Attorney's Office.

When a cop flashed his badge at the window and demanded he stop, Austin floored it, in reverse, thus crashing into the very van filled with police who'd come there to arrest him.


When Austin tried to drive off and nearly hit another undercover who'd rode in on a bicycle, at least one office opened fire and hit Austin in the leg. One neighbor on the scene at the time told WCCO there was a lot of gunfire, and said he'd counted at least 18 shots.

Austin managed to get his car a couple blocks down an alleyway, but eventually stopped. The passenger, as yet unidentified, bolted on foot and managed to escape, but Austin sat and waited for his arrest.

Police later recovered a huge amount of bagged cocaine, nearly 50 grams worth, in the same alley, which Austin is alleged to have ditched as he tried to drive off.

Austin is charged with two felony counts of possession of a controlled substance, one just for having the cocaine and another for planning to sell it, and a third felony charge for fleeing. Each controlled substance charge carries a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison or a $1 million fine.