Dean Barkley to throw first pitch at Saints Recount Night


We've been giving you all the updates on the buzz surrounding the St. Paul Saints upcoming giveaway to fans that pokes fun at Minnesota's never ending U.S. Senate race. On May 23, the first 2,500 fans to the game receive a Count von "Re"Count spinning head figurine. The reconfigured bobble head has two faces: Al Franken and Norm Coleman.

Well the giveaway isn't the only reason to celebrate a night out for baseball. The whole evening has been named "Recount Night" with all sorts of other activities to bring some fun to what is really a quite depressing scenario.

To top it off: Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley will throw out the first pitch of the game. Barkley came in third against Coleman and Franken on Election Day.

As if Minnesotans need more salt in their wounds after actually casting votes for Franken and Coleman and now wishing so terribly they could take it all back.

Game day will also include some recount themed games and activities including a "color inside the oval" contest.

More from the Star Tribune:

The Independence Party is piggybacking on the team, conducting a fund-raiser by selling $25 tickets to the game against the Sioux Falls Canaries.

The tickets, the party announced, will not be "available through the Saints Ticket Office, Ticketmaster or scalpers. For just $25 you will receive a ticket to the game, tailgate party, and discuss your recount frustrations with Dean."

Sounds more like a "buy a ticket and come apologize to Barkley for not voting for him" fundraiser to us.