Deadspin raises the blacklisting question about Chris Kluwe

Kluwe: Out of work for football reasons... or his outspoken gay rights advocacy?
Kluwe: Out of work for football reasons... or his outspoken gay rights advocacy?
Tony Nelson

Earlier this month, Chris Kluwe lost a tough competition to be the Raiders' punter. For the first time since breaking into the NFL with the Vikings in 2005, he found himself out of an NFL job.

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But it wasn't supposed to be that way for long. In an email to City Pages days after his release, Kluwe said he had a strong preseason and expected to get a shot with an NFL team after week one, when veteran contracts are no longer guaranteed for the whole season. But with week three now quickly approaching, Kluwe is still out of work. What gives?

A recent Deadspin column offers up the elephant-in-the-room theory -- Kluwe, along with other players who are either openly gay (like out-of-work NBAer Jason Collins) or suspected of possibly being gay (like multiple-time NFL Pro Bowl safety Kerry Rhodes, who was photographed last spring embracing a guy and whispering in his ear), can't find jobs because pro sports organizations are still uncomfortable being associated with anything remotely homosexual.

From Deadspin:

Friend of the site Chris Kluwe, who is not gay but has been a loud advocate for gay rights, also can't get work. Statistically, Kluwe was a middle-of-the-pack punter for Minnesota last season. You can perhaps justify teams ignoring Kluwe in favor of seemingly better options. But is it really so hard to see an NFL team looking at Kluwe's high profile and deeming his activism too much of a "distraction"?

It stinks if there's anything to that theory, but you should probably save your tears, as Kluwe's post-NFL life doesn't sound all bad. Here's what he was up to yesterday:

Hopefully you found time for a practice a punt or two between virtual crime sprees, Chris?

We've reached out to Kluwe to get the latest information on his NFL job search and will update if there's anything new to report.

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