Deadly spider in Wisconsin fruit

An arachnid with robustitude.
An arachnid with robustitude.

Sheila Terry bought a bunch of bananas at the Wal-Mart in Superior the other day, unpacked them along with the rest of the groceries, and then put up her feet on the sofa.

Next thing she knows, she's damned near caused her husband Dan to have a heart attack.

"All I hear is, 'Oh my God,' and I get up off the sofa and run in the kitchen and he's [saying], 'Look it! Look, it's a spider!'"

This was no daddy long legs. We're talking about an eight-legged beastie with robustitude, black and fuzzy and three inches long with big red eyes, crawling on the kitchen counter.

Its spidey powers were limited though. Dan, the brave man, whacked it dead with a newspaper.

Sheila thought it might have been a poisonous Brazilian Wandering Spider (very bad), after scaring herself with a Google search. Then she consulted with a spider expert from Duluth who said it might have been a Giant Crab Spider (not so bad), hitching a ride from the tropics.

Wal-Mart issued a statement after the story made headlines on the local TV stations, and then went national, saying it was looking into the mystery of the errant arachnid.


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