DCCC uses Bachmann's 'rich people' interview to raise cash


The Democrats secretly hope Rep. Michele Bachmann keeps her job forever. Why, you ask? Because she says crazy things, which they can use to raise more money from pissed of lefties.

And so the cycle continues. Bachmann's KTLK interview where she proclaimed that our country is "running out of rich people" has now created a fund raising effort for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Their goal: raise $50,000 by Wednesday at midnight to show Bachmann who is in charge these days.

The DCCC released the following video and plea for money.

From the DCCC:

Help stop Michele Bachmann and the GOP's lies. Contribute Now!

Just when you think we finally heard the single most outrageous Republican excuse for trying to obstruct President Obama's agenda for change, something like this comes along.

This one is too outrageous to ignore. My friends at the DCCC have set a goal of raising $50,000 by Midnight on Wednesday to show Bachmann and the GOP that they should worry less about America running out of rich people and more about the power of grassroots Democrats like you to keep them in the minority for years to come.

We've seen what happens when we let these outrageous Republican lies go unanswered. We won't let it happen again.