Daytons sue after property hit with poop, eggs, used tampons, TP


The Dayton family, heirs to the founders of Dayton's and Target, have been dealing with one hell of a couple years fending off their son's former classmates who can't seem to stop throwing horrid things at the family's property. Isn't there a point where egging a house repeatedly gets a little old?

Now the Daytons are so fed up that they've decided to sue the suspected culprits to make them stop harassing their family. They are asking for $50,000 in damages.

The family's home and property has been hit with eggs multiple times and covered in toilet paper. Someone left human shit on their doorstep and one of their cars was covered in "what appeared to be used tampons," says the Star Tribune story. How hard is it to identify used tampons unless this lady had some funky discharge?

David and Vanessa Dayton say they have had 15 to 20 such attacks since fall 2007 at their home on the 1700 block of Logan Ave. S in the Minneapolis Kenwood neighborhood. They started when Caleb moved from Breck School to Blake.

The Daytons say the attacks have coincided with events to maximize distress, including one egging the day before the funeral for David's mother in October and Caleb's graduation in June.

More from the Star Tribune:

The family said the "continued harassment and vandalism" has caused them "emotional distress" and cost them $4,112 to repair damage to the windows and stucco on their house in the 1700 block of Logan Av. S. Their suit asks for more than $50,000 in damages for each of them.

The Daytons' lawyer, Glenn Bruder, said the family had prepared a statement saying they were "distressed and hurt" by the events of the past two years. They said they "reached out" to the families of those whom they understood were involved.

"Unfortunately, despite repeated efforts to work with the young adults, their parents and the authorities, we still find we are under attack and suffer continued harassment and vandalism," the statement said.