Dayton's State of the State gay marriage endorsement: A picture tells 1,000 words [PHOTO]

Here's Garvin's caption: "#Dayton: '...every Minnesotan should have the freedom to marry legally...' #mnleg. back row dems, front row repub's"
Here's Garvin's caption: "#Dayton: '...every Minnesotan should have the freedom to marry legally...' #mnleg. back row dems, front row repub's"

During last night's State of the State address, Gov. Dayton once again went on the record in support of marriage equality.

-- MN for Marriage's concession: "God has defined marriage as between one man and one woman"
-- Senate Majority Leader Bakk responds dismissively to pro-marriage equality email

His speech was delivered to a joint session of the legislature. Curious about how Dayton's gay marriage endorsement was received by DFLers and MNGOPers, respectively? Check out the above photo, taken and posted to Twitter by the Pioneer Press's Ben Garvin.

The Star Tribune details Dayton's gay marriage remarks and some of the reaction:

Speaking to a rare joint session of the Legislature, Dayton reaffirmed his support for legalizing same-sex marriage but stopped short of calling on legislators to pass a bill this year.

"I believe that every Minnesotan should have the freedom to marry legally the person she or he loves, whether of the same or other sex," Dayton said. "I want Minnesota to be a state which affirms that freedom for one means freedom for everyone, and where no one is told it is illegal to marry the person you love."

Before Dayton had even finished his remarks, Minnesotans United for All Families, the leading proponents of same-sex marriage, sent an e-mail to supporters urging them to thank Dayton "for his strong leadership in securing the freedom to marry in 2013."

Opponents called the governor out of touch.

"Minnesotans inherently understand that marriage is more than a government love license," said Autumn Leva, a spokeswoman for Minnesota for Marriage. "Authentic marriage is really about a personal promise with a public purpose that benefits everyone, especially kids, parents and our state's economy."

Of course, whether or not MNGOPers stand and clap or vote in support of gay marriage may not matter. As we reported last month, Sen. Scott Dibble, D-Minneapolis, thinks a gay marriage bill can get through the DFL-controlled legislature without Republican votes. Dibble said he plans to introduce a marriage equality bill toward the end of this year's legislative session.

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