Dayton's press secretary deletes regrettable tweet about Abe Lincoln and blown minds

Yesterday, Matt Swenson, Gov. Mark Dayton's press secretary, was in the midst of tweeting about his pleasant, touristy day in our nation's capital when he offered up a regrettable combination of words to describe what he felt while in the presence of Abraham Lincoln's hat.

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Swenson tweeted out a photo of the hat, along with this caption: "Still blows my mind."

Swenson was speaking figuratively, of course, whereas Lincoln literally had his mind blown by John Wilkes Booth in D.C. Ford's Theatre back in 1865.

The guv's communication pro quickly deleted the tweet, but a copy of it was preserved in the Twitter fossil record (the tweet at the bottom of this screengrab was accompanied by the photo in the middle of the row below it):

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