Dayton will refuse salary during shutdown

In a brief statement e-mailed to reporters over the weekend, Gov. Mark Dayton announced that he wouldn't collect his salary in the event state government shuts down on July 1 over the budget impasse.

It's a symbolic move. Dayton is a multimillionaire, so missing some paychecks as governor is hardly going to cause him any personal pain. And he didn't ask his staff to follow his lead.


A few hours latter, Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch tried to head off Dayton's PR move by announcing that she would refuse pay during a shutdown, too.

Then she got back to the official Republican party line of blaming Dayton for the looming train wreck, and refusing to accept any role in the debacle.

Here's Dayton's statement:

"In the event of a state government shutdown, which I remain committed to doing everything possible to avoid, I think it would be terribly wrong for those of us responsible for it, the Republican legislators and myself, to receive our salaries while thousands of dedicated state employees have lost theirs."

Right now, the two sides appear to be nowhere near reaching a deal over how to solve the state's $5 billion deficit.