Dayton wants 13,000 workers spared from shutdown

The Legislature and Gov. Mark Dayton keep stumbling toward a possible government shutdown on July 1, and now the governor has submitted a list state services deemed essential--and who should keep working despite the shutdown.

The list encompasses about 13,000 workers providing core services to 29 agencies, representing about a third of the state's roughly 36,000 employees. Some 46 agencies would close entirely.

Dayton submitted the documents (below) in Ramsey County Court in response to an earlier filing by Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson, and says he generated the list "with a heavy heart," based not on political preferences, but on constitutional requirements and input from all state agencies.

The essential services include the State Patrol, the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP), basic security for prisons, the Capitol, the Governor's Residence; the National Guard, state courts, food safety inspectors--and the Minnesota Zoo.



Here are some of the services not on Dayton's list (HT: Mary Lahammer):

  • Administrative Hearings
  • Amateur Sports Comm
  • Architecture, Engineering Bd
  • Arts Board
  • Asian-Pacific Council
  • Barber Examiners
  • Board Behavioral Health & Therapy Bd
  • Black Minnesotans Council
  • Bureau of Mediation Services
  • Campaign Fin & Public Discl Bd
  • Capitol Area Architect
  • Chicano/Latino Affairs Council
  • Chiropractors Board
  • Combative Sports Commission
  • Cosmetologist Exam Board
  • Dietetics & Nutrition Practice Disability Council
  • Emergency Medical Services Bd
  • Explore Minnesota Tourism
  • Gambling Control Board
  • Higher Ed Facilities Authority
  • Human Rights Dept
  • Humanities Commission
  • Indian Affairs Council
  • Lottery
  • Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Medical Practice Board
  • Minn Conservation Corps
  • Nursing Board
  • Nursing Home Admin Board
  • Ombudsperson for Families
  • Optometry Board
  • Peace Officers Board (POST)
  • Pharmacy Board
  • Physical Therapy Board
  • Podiatric Medicine Board
  • Private Detective Board
  • Psychology Board
  • Racing Commission
  • Social Work Board
  • Tax Court
  • Uniform Laws Commission
  • Veterinary Medicine Board
  • Water & Soil Resources Board
  • Workers Comp Court of Appeals

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