Dayton replaces stolen laptop: Good deed or good press?

We'd like to believe all humans have good hearts and provide things for others simply because they think it's the best thing to do. But politicians are another breed we can't quite trust.  

When former Sen. Mark Dayton heard about a Minneapolis blind woman who had her bag and custom laptop stolen on a Metro Transit bus, he decided to purchase her a new one, according to the Star Tribune.

More from the Strib:
Mark Dayton called Emily Zitek this morning to tell her that he bought her a new BrailleNote mPowerBT 32 and that the $6,500-machine should arrive next week. 
"Her story touched my heart and it was the least I could do," said Dayton, who is living in Minneapolis. "It's awful how low some people will go, and if anybody needed help, it's Emily."  
Zitek was riding a Metro Transit express bus from her job in St. Paul to Minneapolis when somebody reached under her seat and snatched her backpack that contained her laptop. The computer contained nearly all the information she needs to keep track of the vending machines she fills and to teach other adults with visual impairments to live independently.
Why are we sadly suspicious of him? He's one of several Democrats jockeying to run in the 2010 governor's race. Any way for him to get into the press, particularly doing good samaritan things, is probably a good idea politically. But you can't hide the fact that he dropped $6,500 on a complete stranger.