David Roeske-Carlson backs SUV over toddler son Josiah in Maplewood driveway, killing him


One of the raps against SUVs has always been that they're so big, drivers sometimes feel like they're steering aircraft carriers, with little or no idea where their their front and back bumpers are. Which brings us to the sad story of David Roeske-Carlson, a Maplewood man who accidentally -- by all accounts -- drove his GMC Yukon into his 21-month-old Josiah, killing him.

Yukons, in case you're wondering -- and depending on the model year -- is about 16 feet long (202 inches) and weighs about 7,000 pounds.

Maplewood police told the Pioneer Press that Roeske-Carlson didn't even know the toddler was outside, much less in the path of the SUV as he was moving a trailer in his driveway.