David Prosser ally Kathy Nickolaus finds him 7,500 votes

Democrat JoAnne Kloppenburg claimed victory the other day in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election, and Republicans promptly assumed her 200-vote margin of victory over Justice David Prosser was shady.

Which makes this new turn of events ironic.

Wakesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus, who previously worked for a state GOP caucus when it was controlled by Prosser, has discovered enough votes to give him a 7,500-vote lead in the race.

That is to say, as Mary Spicuzza of the Wisconsin State Journal points out, Nicklaus likely handed her former boss the victory.

Kathy Nickolaus worked for Assembly Republican Caucus when Prosser was Speaker. Caucus is controlled by speaker, so he is her former boss.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

"Human error," Nicklaus insisted at a press conference, near tears, of the whopping discrepancy between her original and subsequent vote tallies--and maybe her credibility.

Her critics point out she worked for the Assembly Republican caucus when it was shuttered after a scandal over state staffers doing campaign work on state time. And she raised eyebrows and hackles for taking the Waukesha County election computers off their network and housing them in her own office--for "security."

Now it's Democrats who say they're getting screwed in an election widely seen as a proxy fight over Gov. Scott Walker's controversial union-busting laws. Kloppenburg is demanding a full investigation.


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