David Paul Johnson allegedly stole van, cash from quadriplegic roommate

David Paul Johnson sounds like a really bad roommate.

Johnson allegedly stole more than $5,000 from his quadriplegic housemate and made his getaway in the same guy's handicap-accessible van, according to police. He now faces charges for stealing a motor vehicle and theft of more than $5,000.

Johnson moved in with Larry Buhl and his brother in Bloomington after being released from the St. Cloud Correctional Facility on December 28.

While living together, Buhl one day mentioned to Johnson he had $5,470 in cash stashed in a wallet on his wheelchair. He planned to deposit the money into the bank later that day.

Johnson apparently saw an opportunity in his roommate's casual banter. According to police, he lifted the wallet and made off in Buhl's van using a spare key.

While auto theft is nothing out of the ordinary, the nature of this particular crime is a new one for Bloomington police, says department Cmdr. Mark Stehlick.

"The unique twist here is that it's a handicap van, and a handicap victim," says Stehlick. "It is odd."

A friend of Buhl's spotted Johnson cruising around in the van last week, and called police. Officers chased the van into Edina, where Johnson crashed the vehicle. He was arrested and booked in Hennepin County jail.

Johnson is due in court tomorrow to face the charges. No matter what the outcome, we're guessing he won't be moving back in with the Buhls anytime soon.

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