David Letterman jokes about Michele Bachmann's ass in Top 10 List [VIDEO]

Letterman turns Bachmann into a punchline.

Letterman turns Bachmann into a punchline.

David Letterman is hot on Michele Bachmann's tail, making fun of her ass and her makeup in Tuesday night's Top 10 list: "Signs There's Already Trouble at Michele Bachmann's Campaign Headquarters."

It surely won't be long before Republicans complain that Letterman would never say make fun of a Democratic woman -- except that, of course, he already has (see below).


Coming in at No. 10: Staff spends 50 percent of the time researching facts, the other 50 percent of the time explaining to Michele she got the facts wrong.

No. 9: Supply room is down to its last industrial sized bucket of mascara.

No. 6: No. 6 Latest strategy: X-ray Bachmann's ass to prove it's real.


At least he didn't put a guy with a beard in a skirt to mock Bachmann, which is exactly what he did a few years ago to take a shot at Hillary Clinton:

UPDTE: Right wing website Breitbart accuses Letterman of being a Democratic shill:

It goes without saying that David Letterman wouldn't make these jokes about a male candidate for President. We think it's also highly unlikely he would say this about a woman running on the Democratic ticket. Can you imagine this joke being made about Hillary Clinton?


This is already Letterman's second jab at Bachmann since her John Wayne Gacy moment.

She keeps making these minor mistakes, these little hair splitting things, but you know, she's under greater scrutiny now because she' running for president. And did you see this?

Watch this:

Earlier this week, Michele Bachmann confused John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacy. She sincerely regrets the error and vows to continue her campaign in the spirit of our great founding fathers Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Osama bin Franklin. Vote Bachmann, 2013.

We're sure there will be more where that came from.