David King is accused of rape in Wisc. Secretary of State race


This one may take the cake for the strangest political scandal of the 2010 season.

Charlette Harris was supposed to be having a business lunch with David King, a candidate for Wisconsin Secretary of State, after he helped get her a job. But the Milwaukee God Squad conservative wasn't as interested in wage negotiations as he was in keeping Harris's margarita glass full, according to a lawsuit Harris filed this week.

Harris says after the third round she threw up and King brought her back to his house. She says she passed out on his couch but awoke in his bedroom with her pants unbuttoned. A month later, she discovered she was pregnant.

Harris is sure King is the father because, uh, well, she's a lesbian and has been with the same partner for four years.

The accusations run contrary -- as they so often do -- to the devout Christian image King had cultivated during his campaign.

King, whose political style has included calling Wisc. Gov. Jim Doyle a "crackhead," was quick to refute the allegations via his Facebook page.

"There is not truth to these accusations and the time of these accusations are apparently politically and financially motivated," he wrote. "Today politics in Wisconsin has slithered to a new gutter low."

Harris says she isn't motivated politically and hasn't voted in 10 years.

Political hot potato or not, there is a bun in the oven. Harris is not sure if she'll be keeping the baby or putting it up for adoption.

We're looking forward to the paternity test.

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