David Kahn silenced Kevin Love's Twittering

David Kahn silenced Kevin Love's Twittering
Kevin Love made huge news when he broke the firing of Kevin McHale on twitter. Around the league, people called him "The Big Twitter." He rocked the website with a verve and excitement only Ashton Kutcher could match. But then he went silent. Eerily silent. Thank god media day came so we could finally understand why his Love notes vanished: GM David Kahn.

Now, we posted about his silence last month, thinking he is an avid Blotter fan and would somehow realize how much he tweets meant a ton to us fans. Hell, we were about to join twitter just so we could re-tweet his poetry.

So we contacted the media man for the Timberwovles, Michael Cristaldi about the lost twitter of Love. We asked him if the team silenced his Love notes.

Nope, not a team policy...he just stopped doing it... Mike

On and on with Timberwolves forward Kevin Love

On why he hasn't been very active on Twitter after announcing, via a tweet, that Kevin McHale wouldn't be back as coach: "I got shut down by the boss man (Wolves President David Kahn). I'll be back on Twitter when the season starts. There are so many rules now: You can't Twitter at this time, can't Twitter at that time, don't Twitter about the team. They just kept calling me, telling me don't do this and don't do that."

So it's not a team policy... just a policy against the Big Twitter. We're just happy the Love notes will return, even under the muted rules of Kahn, a man who should really pay more attention to drafting too many point guards, than the poetry of his power forward.

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