David Kahn is far and away the worst drafting GM in the NBA, according to CBS Sports study

On Tuesday, the Timberwolves traded away the 18th overall selection in tonight's NBA draft to Houston for a relatively unheralded white guy named Chase Budinger.

Some fans were critical of the trade, saying Wolves management would've been better off taking their chances with a mid first-round pick in what looks to be a deep draft.

But a new CBS Sports study suggests trading the pick was probably for the best. Because according to CBS' quantification of each GM's draft prowess, David Kahn is far and away the worst college and overseas talent evaluator in the league.

Here's how CBS' methodology works:

One of the "most egregious" busts in draft history wears a Wolves uniform.
One of the "most egregious" busts in draft history wears a Wolves uniform.

We've rated every single player, put them into a category (elite, perennial all-star, occasional all-star, solid starter, quality reserve, rotation guy, bench and overseas/out of the league).

Then we've given them a numerical value from 1 to 10 based on where they were drafted...

And we've penalized abysmal picks [with negative scores] as well. Chris Wallace's pick of Hasheem Thabeet and Joe Dumars' selection of [current Timberwolf] Darko Milicic were two of the most egregious.

Twenty-one GMs have presided over at least five draft picks and were hence eligible for the study. And guess who came in dead last? As Bill Simmons would say, KAHHHHHHHN!

Kahn was barely in the positive, registering a 0.50 score. The second-worst drafting GM, Memphis' Chris Wallace, still notched a 0.95 score nearly twice as high as Kahn's. On the flipside, the best drafting GM is Oklahoma City's Sam Presti (2.79), followed by Sacramento's Geoff Petrie (2.58).  To see the full rankings and methodology, click here.

Let's take a look back at Kahn's year-by-year draft record since he took over in 2009, along with a little analysis of how those picks panned out, shall we?

2009: 5th overall pick, Ricky Rubio (This was a risky pick that paid major dividends, so Kahn deserves credit. We all love Ricky.)

The easy and smart pick would've been Stephen Curry, but Kahn outsmarted himself and took uber-bust Jonny Flynn.
The easy and smart pick would've been Stephen Curry, but Kahn outsmarted himself and took uber-bust Jonny Flynn.

2009: 6th overall pick, Jonny Flynn (Flynn was slightly disappointing his rookie year, came to camp with a bum hip his second year, turned in one of the most disastrous single seasons in Wolves history, and was last seen riding the pine at the end of Portland's bench. Kahn's first, but not last, terrible pick. Stephen Curry sure would look nice in a Wolves uni!)

2009: 18th overall pick, Ty Lawson (Ty has developed into a great player... for the Nuggets. Good pick, terrible choice to trade him.)

2009: 28th overall pick, Wayne Ellington (Late first-round picks rarely develop into stars. And while Wayne has shown flashes that he could develop into a solid NBA player, he's yet to make much of an impact.)

2009: 45th overall pick, Nick Calathes (Who?)

2009: 47th overall pick, Herk Noel (Um, Herk? Is he named after the Lyn-Lake bar or something?)

2010: 4th overall pick, Wes Johnson (During his two years in the NBA, Wes has proven one thing: he's just not very good at professional basketball. This was one of the worst fourth-overall picks of all time, especially since many fans were smartly calling for Kahn to select DeMarcus Cousins.)

2010: 30th overall pick, Lazar Hayward (Lazar scored the last basket of the 2012 NBA season, but that's the only notable thing he's done during his first two seasons in the league.)

2011: 2nd overall pick, Derrick Williams (No-brainer pick. Many thought D-Will would take the league by storm and win Rookie of the Year honors, but he came to camp out of shape and turned in a disappointing campaign. Rumor has it the Wolves are shopping him to try and get back into tonight's draft, but given Kahn's record, the Wolves might be better off just standing pat and hoping D-Will drops a few pounds this offseason.)

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