David Gowan Crashed Airplane into Car During Emergency Landing Near Hawley

Um... Is that a plane behind me?

Um... Is that a plane behind me?

David Gowan planned to take his 1979 single-prop airplane on a short flight from Hawley, Minn. to Minot, N.D. But at 1,000 feet the engine quit, leaving him no choice but to find a place to make an emergency landing.

Gowan was able to maneuver the plane in line with a straight stretch of Highway 10. He stuck the emergency landing, but he wasn't in the clear yet.

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Corey Ernst was driving her new Ford Fusion eastbound on Highway 10 when suddenly she noticed Gowan coming in hot in her rearview mirror.

The plane caught up to her car before she could swerve out of the way. The propeller sliced through the rear driver's side of the car about 10 times, ripping off the its gas cap, but the two were separated before anyone got hurt.

The plane was pushed into a nearby driveway. Miraculously, no one was injured. Federal investigators quickly swooped in and are still investigating the crash.

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