David Goodman delivers the mail naked in Wisconsin

David Goodman delivered.

David Goodman delivered.

All that letter carrier David A. Goodman wanted was brighten an office worker's day. But like so many misguided souls who fancy themselves comedians, his attempt at humor backfired royally.

Goodman, 52, delivers the mail to a law firm in Whitefish Bay. He'd noticed that a 21-year-old worker at the firm "seemed to be stressed out" lately. So he decided to cheer her up by delivering the mail to her in his natural state.



The female employee told police that Goodman arrived at about 1 p.m. to deliver the mail. He returned about 10 minutes later and knocked on the door. She let him in, and saw that he was completely nude.

She didn't erupt into peals of laughter as Goodman had imagined. Instead, she turned away from him and held out her hand.

"Give me the mail and get out of here," she said.

Goodman immediately began to apologize. "He could immediately see that he had upset her and immediately felt bad and stupid," the Whitefish Bay Police Department report says. "He apologized, left the office and got dressed." Goodman even came back 20 minutes later and continued to apologize through the closed door.

Apparently, Goodman had gotten his wires severely crossed, somehow getting the idea that the woman had dared him to drop his clothing. The woman says she made no such dare.

Now Goodman, of Fox Point, Wisconsin, is feeling "bad" and "stupid," according to the police report.

Police cited him for lewd and lascivious behavior, issuing him a $681 fine.