David Carr is dressing better these days

David Carr dresses up to take a bow, and regrets it.

David Carr dresses up to take a bow, and regrets it.

"Page One" documentary director Andrew Rossi told us back in April that one of the best reasons to watch his film was the chance for audiences to see Twin Cities alt weekly alumnus David Carr "in the flesh. The incredibly handsome man sitting next to me.


Maybe Interview Magazine caught wind of that quote. But either way, the art director persuaded Carr to a don a suit, tie and fedora worthy of legendary Times-man Gay Talese for a shoot to accompany a conversation with Aaron Sorkin.

He looks pretty good, too. Maybe too good.


"I was thinking, 'I'm not a hat guy,' and they said that's just a couple of shots, don't worry about it," Carr said, told Capital New York.

"That probably is the worst decision that I have made in doing press," Carr said. "My wife was just appalled by it, as am I. I liked the interview and would have liked to tweet it out and, all due respect to the guys ... it's something I just can't look at. It is deeply, deeply embarrassing to me. If there is one image out on the Web, and there are some bad ones, that I could remove, I would remove that one."

The whole image was too close to Talese for comfort, the CNY writer says, describing how Carr felt like he was "Burlesquing one of his own great idols."


Carr once wrote for, and later edited, the Twin Cities Reader. He wrote an acclaimed book, The Night of the Gun, about his battle with cocaine addiction. Now he covers the media beat for The New York Times. The guy's been around the block, he's got the battle scars and awards to prove it, and the Interview photo sounds like it flew in the face of the image he has of himself -- which is probably a whole lot grittier than the glamor shot.

But "Page One" is winning accolades now, too (and some criticism), so maybe dressing up once in a while to take a bow isn't so bad.